Our Classroom Website - Room 43

Welcome to 5th grade, Room 43!


Teacher conferences are scheduled for next week.  I will be discussing with you, your child's progress.  If you haven't already done so, please sign-up using the link sent out in your email.  

Starting next week, we will begin our second book share.  This time it will be on "Volcanoes."  The students love to create this unique project that allows them a lot creativity.  Our Hurricane book shares are hanging in our classroom!

In Math, we just finished our mulitiplication unit and next week we will begin our division unit.  I am very proud of the progress our kiddos are making and would just like to remind everyone that homework practice is not optional. Daily practice helps them master what we are learning.  Independent scholars are what we are striving for here in 5th grade. 

We are wrapping up our Native American unit and will begin our Explorer unit at the end of the month.  There will be an awesome explorer report completed in class.  If you student is absent or falls behind, the components of the report will be sent home to complete.


Donations are needed for tissue, wipes and glue sticks.  If you would like to donate, your child will earn classroom cash!  Thank you again for sharing your sweet kids with me.  I truly have grown to love each and everyone of them.  

 Check back often for all the latest announcements in Room 43!